ZIP Code Directory
Avoid wasted postage and ensure timely receipt of all your outbound mail and overnight deliveries.

The National Information Data Center (NIDC) has published the National ZIP Code® Directory for over 30 years. Now, it’s the only printed version of ZIP Code® directory available. Using data licensed directly from the USPS, our two-volume set features the most complete, up-to-date ZIP information available.

Just Added! Official US Census Bureau State and County Demographic and Economic Profiles. Now you can get quick, easy access to facts about people, business, and geography for the states that you do business in and how it compares to the overall US population.

Copies of the 2011 ZIP Code® Correct CD are still available. Find out more here.


You can easily find zip code information with the 2011 ZIP Code® Correct CD.

Get instant electronic access to ZIP Codes®, counties, area codes, cities, and states with the single-user version of the ZIP Code® Correct CD.

And with the network user version, every member of your team can enjoy the same quick access to the accurate ZIP Code® data found in our National ZIP Code® Correct CD. Get all the benefits and features of the single-user version for your entire company. There are no user restrictions with our network version.

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